When I called my favorite Montreal salon to schedule a facial last week, I was met with a question for which I had no answer: what kind of facial do you want? Now, I’ve had several facials throughout my life but didn’t know enough to give a response. I told them I’d give them a call back and did the following research.

Types of Facials – Which One is Right for You?

Before we get to the types of facials, let’s clarify something first: what type of skin do you have? Skin types include: dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone and combination skin. That’s FIVE types of skin types – important to remember when deciding on your facial.

There are many types of facials to choose from, but here’s a few popular choices.

Acne Reduction Facial. For those who deal with chronic acne, it’s critical to get a spa-level acne facial occasionally. Because of the overproduction of oils that cause acne, pores can get clogged and dirty, requiring an in-depth cleaning.


Collagen Facial. Collagen is one of the most abundant forms of protein in the body and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. As we age, our collagen levels decrease, hence the sagging and lack-luster appearance of older skin. A collagen facial is the perfect type of facial for aging or sun-damaged skin that needs serious skin renewal.


Fruit/Acid Masks. Fruits possess a wide range of nutritive components (vitamins and minerals) critical for glowing skin. Fruit acid masks also contain naturally derived acids that exfoliate dead skin safely and effectively. Perfect for that lunchtime facial.


Oxygen Facials. Oxygen facials are all the rage right now, with celebrities like Madonna extolling their virtues. To simplify, oxygen facials use pressurized oxygen to aid in the delivery of specialized serum to the skin. Generally considered safe with no downtime, these facials are good occasionally but not suggested for frequent use.


There are so many more facials that could be mentioned but there’s only so much time! Bottom line: identify your type of skin, ask questions, do your research and if you’re unsure, sit down with your skincare professional and get some recommendations. Your skin deserves the very best, before, during and after treatment!

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