There are at the moment 2 identified situations the place there’s a risk that laser hair elimination could make hair develop again thicker and darker than it was earlier than therapy. Please remember the fact that one is preventable whereas the opposite is so uncommon, the possibilities of it taking place are very small.

The primary state of affairs can occur to anybody, although the vast majority of those that go for laser therapy will not be conscious of this danger previous to therapy. With a purpose to carry out laser hair elimination, the technician would require you to shave the specified space a day or two previous to your appointment. The hair must be as brief as doable, but nonetheless be seen, to ensure that the laser to work to its full potential. Sadly, some areas that individuals need to have lasered, (such because the face and again), include a mix of the darkish coarse hairs that they need gone and “peach fuzz” (the extraordinarily superb and colorless hairs that cowl plenty of our physique). When shaving this space in preparation for laser therapy, the peach fuzz that’s current additionally will get shaved. With shaving, hairs are likely to develop again thicker, darker, and quicker with each shave. The superb hairs that had been as soon as unnoticeable could now begin to seem darker upon return, which may create the phantasm that extra hair is starting to develop after having laser therapy.

The second occasion is a medical situation known as “paradoxical hypertrichosis”. It’s a very uncommon response that may be skilled after laser hair elimination therapy. As paradoxical hypertrichosis, (or postlaser hypertrichosis), continues to be a comparatively new and intensely uncommon situation, there has not been quite a lot of analysis executed on the topic. It’s tough to find out what the precise reason behind this phenomenon is. Some specialists counsel that this undesirable hair development might be attributable to extraordinarily low depth laser or IPL remedies at ranges which can be too low to be efficient and really find yourself stimulating new hair development within the hair bulb versus destroying the hair bulb utterly. Others counsel that ethnic background could also be an element as analysis has discovered that this response tends to occur extra in individuals with pores and skin sorts 3, 4, and 5 (olive and darker pores and skin) than it does in individuals with lighter pores and skin. There’s additionally the chance that sure remedy can improve the danger of paradoxical hypertrichosis if taken concurrently the laser remedies. As you possibly can see, victims of this situation are so few and much between that it’s tough to get a correct sampling.

Whatever the urged components of paradoxical hypertrichosis, this can be very vital to discover a laser technician that’s expert and certified to carry out your remedies. They must be educated sufficient to find out the right laser depth setting in your specific hair and pores and skin attributes. Too low might be ineffective and really trigger antagonistic results. Depth that’s too excessive could cause uncomfortable side effects akin to minor burns and pores and skin discoloration. The proper stability will safely and successfully take away your undesirable hair and make your laser hair elimination expertise a optimistic one.

Despite the fact that it is rather uncommon that laser hair elimination will make your hair develop again thicker, it has been identified to occur in some instances. In case you are involved, or if you already know that the realm you need to have handled contains peach fuzz, maybe a special methodology like electrolysis hair elimination can be a greater various for you. Electrolysis doesn’t require you to shave previous to therapy so you don’t run the danger of shaving over any peach fuzz and inflicting it to develop again thicker. Every hair is individually handled so you don’t run the danger of another space of your pores and skin being handled aside from the place you need to be handled.