[While I live in Montreal, this advice applies to anyone searching for the right nail salon in any area.]


I used to be a little embarrassed by my nails. Even though I did them myself (maybe once a month), the polish was usually chipped and my nails were filed unevenly (note to self: don’t file nails while drinking wine).


Thing is, I don’t have long nails so I figured why bother going to a manicurist? It seemed like a waste of money. Until I went to a nail salon in Montreal (as a gift from a friend) and saw just how nice my nails could look.


I chose a French manicure so I wouldn’t have to worry about obvious chipping. I was pleasantly surprised how long it lasted as well. So I’m officially a nail convert and will return. So how did I chose the right nail salon in Montreal where there are so many? I took my time and did my homework. Here are my pointers.

How to Choose the Best Manicurist in Montreal

CLEANLINESS. I put this pointer in caps because it matters so much. You’ve probably heard of nail salon horror stories and unfortunately, some are true. Dirty equipment and a skin cut can land you in a hospital. Worse, these infections can lead to lifelong issues. Ask your nail technician where he/she gets her equipment and how its processed throughout the day. It should live in disinfectant when its not being used.


Ventilation. Let’s not fool ourselves: many chemicals used in the nail industry are noxious and simply not good for you. How ventilated is your nail salon? Do you get slammed with chemical odors when you walk in the door? Do you see ventilation throughout the salon (and not just those little fans)?


Materials. A good nail salon uses the latest in nail materials, which have come a long way in the last twenty years. Generally, chemicals are less toxic than ever before. But that requires the salons to be on top of newly released nail products.  Some salons continue to use a dangerous chemical call methyl methacrylate (MMA), which you want to avoid.


Vibe. A nail salon should be a relaxing experience. Some are jam packed and a little too bustling (at least for my tastes). If you’re like me and want more of a spa-like experience when getting your nails done, ask the salon about their off hours. Then book accordingly.


So there you go. The homework I did before choosing a salon. I chose Salon Deauville in Montreal as my go-to salon because its highly recommended and passes the tests I mentioned above. But do you own homework and find a clean, well-reputed nail salon that’s right for you.